Paintless dent removal after hail storm body bump repair insurance


Repair by paintless dent removal after a hail storm

Can I repair hail damages of my vehicule

by myself?

There are several techniques on the internet claiming to be effective in reducing damage: sun exposure, hair dryers, dry ice or self repair kits. Nothing prevents you to try them; however, be aware that in most cases, you will waste your time or may worsen the problem, especially if the damage is extensive. It is better to entrust the work to professionals, who will offer you a guarantee and will preserve the value of your vehicle.

How can I know if my insurance policy covers

hail damages on my car?

Usually found under "all risks" guarantee clause. Carefully check your policy contract; this guarantee is not included automatically. One can also add a "hail" guarantee in the contract. When in doubt, check with your insurance broker about the options available to you, for optimal hail coverage.

What to do in case of hail damage?

Where to start?

Contact us to book an appointment for a detailed evaluation of the work to be done on your vehicule. Once the evaluation has been completed, we will contact your insurance company. A second appointment will be scheduled to complete the dent removal on your car's body. When you get your vehicle back, you can admire and appreciate the quality of the work done and the virtues of Paintless Dent Removal.

What are the

repairs delays?

In most cases, dent repairs are completed within a 24-hour timeframe. However, occasionally, repairs may take up to 48 hours.

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Body repair after hail

Hail storm victim?

Your vehicle was involved in a hailstorm and now requires the repair of small annoying dents?

Let us reassure you; your body repair after hail can be done by using the Paintless Dent Removal, no matter the brand or model of your car!

This technique enables preserving the original paint of the car and won't lower its value.


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